A simple concept creating a beautiful reality.

Over the past 10,000 years farmers, scientists and gardeners have been changing the genetic landscape of cultivated plants. Historically plant selection has been based on durability and yield. However, we no longer cultivate plants solely for practical purposes. Today gardening and landscaping are not only creative outlets but art.

We grow plants that are both beautiful and edible.

Horticulture has numerous mental health benefits, promotes food awareness and enhances food security. This is particularly relevant in dense urban centres. With limited space, gardeners typically compromise aesthetics for functionality or visa versa.

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Jessa Hughes, M.Sc

Developer and sustainability enthusiast

As a creative individual with a passion for science and a love of plants- plant breeding was a natural fit. Breeding is the perfect combination of science and art. As an ambitious scientist and entrepreneur I have the lofty goal of bringing new, beautiful, sustainable ornamentals to the horticulture and floriculture markets.